• A huge well done to Darlington Borough Council for being named Dry January champion of 2015 for Innovation! http://t.co/G2eaELO18n
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  • Alcohol sponsorship of #Formula1 - surely giving mixed message around drink-driving and road safety? New report today http://t.co/ORrlbc2n8B
    posted 5 days ago
  • New report out: 11 references to alcohol brands per minute in F1 race – time to have a rethink! #F1sponsorship https://t.co/KjQv3Je3QY
    posted 5 days ago
Formula 1

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Balance backs new report on F1 sponsorship

Balance, the North East Alcohol Office, is backing a new report which shows that alcohol sponsorship of F1 provides a platform for an extremely high exposure of audiences to alcohol advertising.

The report, compiled by the European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare), Institute of Alcohol Studies (UK) and Monash University (Australia), presents data on the extent of alcohol advertising during the 2014 Formula One (F1) Monaco Grand Prix, together with an analysis of F1 teams’ sponsorship by the alcohol industry.

The report shows that during the 2014 Monaco F1 race, the pinnacle event of F1 there were on average 11 references to alcohol brands per minute. In other words – the worldwide audience of a total 500 million people were exposed to an alcohol brand on average every five seconds for almost two hours.

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