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Balance alcohol and cancer campaign advert

Balance alcohol and cancer campaign advert


Alcohol-related mouth and throat cancer admissions rise

Experts in the North East are warning about the long-term risks of alcohol as new figures reveal a sharp rise in the number of hospital admissions for alcohol-related mouth and throat cancer.

Analysis carried out by Balance, the North East Alcohol Office, shows that the number of North East hospital admissions for alcohol-related mouth and pharyngeal cancer – which includes lip, oral cavity and pharynx - have increased by 53% between 2006/07 and 2013/14. This is compared to a 16% increase for all alcohol-related cancer admissions in the North East.

Official cancer registration figures show that there were 404 people diagnosed with mouth cancers in the North East in 2013 and evidence indicates that about 30% of these cases will be linked to alcohol. The impact of mouth cancer however has a much larger impact on the NHS, as North East hospitals deal with around 1,900 separate admissions per year where mouth cancers are a factor, costing in excess of £3.6 million.

The findings – which coincide with Mouth Cancer Action Month – are part of Balance’s campaign to raise awareness of the link between alcohol and seven types of cancer - mouth, pharyngeal (upper throat), oesophageal (food pipe), laryngeal (voice box), bowel, breast and liver.

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