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Drinks companies keeping consumers in the dark about risky drinking

Multi-national alcohol companies are choosing to ignore advice from the Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) to display important health information on their products, a new study has found.

The result is that drinkers in the North East are being kept in the dark about how to minimise their risks from a range of medical conditions, including seven different types of cancer.

The research, published today by Balance, the North East Alcohol Office, and the Alcohol Health Alliance UK (AHA), showed that of the 320 alcohol products surveyed across the country, fewer than 10% carried the low-risk weekly drinking guideline of 14 units a week. None of the 24 products which did contain the current guidelines were big name brands belonging to the global multi-national drinks companies

Of 26 alcohol products surveyed in the North East, none carried the current low-risk weekly drinking guideline of 14 units a week.

More than two and a half years after the current alcohol guidelines came into effect in January 2016, all of the products reviewed in five different supermarket companies in locations across the North East referred to out-of-date guidelines and carried no health warnings of specific illnesses or diseases.

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