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alcohol health alliance uk

What we do

Educate and inform
If we are going to change the way people in the North East think about and drink alcohol, we need to ensure they have the information to understand the issues and are aware of the risks.

People need that information to make the right choices to protect their own health and wellbeing. They also need to be aware of factors such as the affordability, availability and promotion of alcohol which are nudging them to drink more than they might otherwise. We raise awareness across the region through news articles, social media, TV and radio interviews.

Share best practice
Alcohol is a big problem, particularly for our frontline services who deal with the impact on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis.

So when an organisation implements efficient and effective ways to deal with, monitor or even record information on alcohol misuse and the impact it has, we want to shout about it.

We use a range of tactics to share ideas, innovations, experience and successes. This is achieved by working closely with partners, stakeholders and the media and utilising the knowledge, experience and relationships we have within our team.

Lobby Government for change
Government has a role to play to protect all of us – and especially the most vulnerable in our communities – from the pressures to drink to excess.

The most critical part of our role is to highlight those pressures to politicians, partners and the public so that we can begin to change the social norms around alcohol. That means highlighting the damage caused to individuals, families and communities by alcohol misuse and calling for changes from Government.