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#7cancers body art

#7cancers body art


Art raises awareness of alcohol and cancer links

The links between alcohol and cancer were highlighted in a thought-provoking way, as eye-catching body art paraded through the streets of Newcastle.

The visuals were used to highlight at least seven areas of the body which evidence shows can be affected by alcohol-related cancers. The activity used real ‘bodies’ to reinforce its message and was part of an awareness-raising campaign launched this week by Balance, the North East Alcohol Office.

Supported by Cancer Research UK, the campaign follows the first review of the alcohol drinking guidelines in 20 years, led by the Chief Medical Officers across the UK and informed by a comprehensive review of the latest evidence by a group of leading, independent experts.

Drinking alcohol increases the risk of at least seven different types of cancer, including cancers of the mouth and throat, bowel and breast cancer in women. Most recent data shows that more than one quarter (27%) of all new cancer cases registered in the North East – some 4,200 per year – were made up of these cancer types*.

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