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We are continually shaping the news agenda to keep people thinking about alcohol misuse – the problems, the causes and solutions and showing them how they can get involved and make a change.

30 November 2021

Health experts call on Government to take action on alcohol marketing

A North East dad who got his life back after treatment for alcohol dependency has described how alcohol ads can make recovery harder and joined experts in calling on the Government to take action to protect children and people recovering from drink problems.


11 November 2021

Calls for hard hitting alcohol campaigns to be rolled out nationally

An MP who won acclaim for sharing in Parliament his recovery journey from alcohol addiction has joined calls from the Alcohol Health Alliance for hard hitting tobacco style campaigns to be rolled out nationally for alcohol.


08 November 2021

Balance and the NHS launch new alcohol and cancer campaign

ONLY 1 in 3 North East adults are aware that alcohol can cause cancer. But alarming figures reveal that four out 10 people (around 855,000 people) are drinking enough to significantly raise their risks

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