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We are continually shaping the news agenda to keep people thinking about alcohol misuse – the problems, the causes and solutions and showing them how they can get involved and make a change.

16 August 2018

North East landlords blame cheap supermarket booze for closures

Cheap supermarket booze rather than alcohol taxes is the main reason why pubs are closing, according to a major new survey of North East landlords - while few have seen any benefit from tax cuts in alcohol duty over recent years.


06 July 2018

Balance calls for an end to industry self-policing

Balance is calling for an end to the alcohol industry “self-policing” the complaints process about its own marketing – including complaints of appealing to children or promoting heavy drinking.


13 June 2018

Balance backs North East youth teams ahead of World Cup

Balance is urging for time to be called on alcohol sports sponsorship as millions of children will be exposed to alcohol adverts during the World Cup.

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