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We are continually shaping the news agenda to keep people thinking about alcohol misuse – the problems, the causes and solutions and showing them how they can get involved and make a change.

08 September 2021

No alcohol during pregnancy is safestů.warning for FASD Day

Balance is reminding North East families about the risks of drinking during pregnancy for International Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Day on 9 Sept.


25 August 2021

Comment on surge in young adult smoking and adult high-risk drinking

Fresh Balance responds to a study published today (Wednesday 25th August) in the journal Addiction and funded by Cancer Research UK [1]


15 July 2021

Alcohol and Covid-19: A Perfect Storm

Around 855,000 North East adults and 60% of male drinkers were drinking above low risk limits during 2020 . And nearly 1 in 4 heavier drinkers ended up drinking more.

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