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We are continually shaping the news agenda to keep people thinking about alcohol misuse – the problems, the causes and solutions and showing them how they can get involved and make a change.

13 June 2018

Balance backs North East youth teams ahead of World Cup

Balance is urging for time to be called on alcohol sports sponsorship as millions of children will be exposed to alcohol adverts during the World Cup.


01 June 2018

Alcohol Units Challenge highlights confusion over units

How many of us really know how many alcohol units we drink each week? If you’re not sure then you’re in good company!


17 May 2018

Drinkers in the North East at risk of hypertension

On World Hypertension Day drinkers in the North East are being warned about the risks of developing hypertension, which is linked to stroke, heart disease and vascular dementia.

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Date 20 July 2018

A Minimum Unit Price in the North East, a look at the evidence...

Background: On 1 May 2018 Scotland introduced a minimum unit price (MUP) for alcohol in an effort to reduce...

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