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40% of the population want a 50p minimum price per unit of alcohol

Posted 27/08/10

Dave Hogg said: “We welcome the news that almost half of the population are backing calls for the introduction of a 50p minimum price per unit of alcohol.

“These members of the public are obviously aware that there is a clear link between alcohol cost and consumption, and they recognise that the key to ending the problems caused by alcohol misuse is by tackling the root of the issue.

“The fairest, most targeted and easiest measure to implement would be the introduction of a minimum price and studies have shown that as well as creating numerous health and social benefits, it would reduce drinking amongst young and heavy drinkers without impacting significantly on pub prices.

“In the North East alone, alcohol misuse is having a devastating effect on many of our families and communities. Earlier this month, we launched a campaign that highlighted the problems that are regularly encountered by the regions front line staff, because of alcohol that is sold at pocket money prices.

The ‘I have a drink problem’ campaign, launched by Balance on Monday 9 August 2010, raises the profile of the problems faced by front line staff and encourages members of the public to support the Government’s intention to tackle the sale of cheap alcohol.

To support the campaign log onto and register your opinions on a Home Office consultation about the way that alcohol is priced and sold.