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Alcohol warning to Hartlepool football fans

Posted 09/06/10

Football fans in Hartlepool are being warned that they face more than just a hangover if they fail to stick to their limits whilst consuming alcohol this World Cup.

With a prolonged and dramatic rise in the consumption of alcohol expected during the World Cup period, the Safer Hartlepool Partnership, Balance North East and NHS Hartlepool are warning local residents that the effects of alcohol misuse can result in more than just a bad tournament hangover.

Whether you are planning on staying at home or socialising in the local pub, each drink you consume can put you one sip closer to drinking outside the NHS recommended limits of 2-3 units a day for women (about two small glasses of wine) and 3-4 units a day for men (about two pints of 4% lager).

The results of drinking at or above these limits on a daily, or almost daily basis, range from hangovers, anxiety and impotence to breast cancer, stroke and heart attack. It can also put strain on relationships with family and friends.
With many people organising home World Cup parties with friends, partners are also urging party-goers to watch their measurements as well as keeping track of what they are drinking as people can consume twice as much alcohol when drinking at home than on a night out due to pouring themselves more than double what they would be served in a pub.

Colin Shevills, Director of Balance, said: “Many of us enjoy a drink whilst watching the World Cup at home or in the local pub but it’s easy to get carried away.
“It’s worrying to see just how much more people might be unwittingly pouring for themselves and their friends on a regular basis and we are warning that over time, such over-generosity may backfire and harm your health.
“If you want to minimise your risk of diseases like cancer, heart disease and stroke, it’s worth paying attention to the size of your measures and keep track of how much you are drinking this World Cup.”

The Safer Hartlepool Partnership will be delivering health related messages throughout the World Cup to raise awareness and provide support for alcohol mis-use in the town. As well as targeting information to GP surgeries, hospitals, takeaways and taxis, alcohol partners will also be distributing drink aware beer-mats and promotional hats to licensee premises to enjoy the World Cup safely.
Safer Hartlepool’s alcohol team will also be providing free alcohol advice to shoppers at a promotional stall at ASDA supermarket on Friday 18th and 23rd June from 10am-2pm.

For help with any kind of drinking problem call Hartlepool Alcohol Services on 01429 285690.