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Balance backs calls to kick alcohol sponsorship out of sport


Sports and alcohol don't mix

Posted 08/08/16

With Strongbow announced official partner of Team GB in this years’ Olympics, Balance, the North East Alcohol Office, is joining partners, medical bodies and charities supporting children into sport, to call for an end to alcohol sponsorship in sport.

The call comes as a recent Balance survey found that more people than ever in the North East (77%) support a ban on alcohol advertising before the 9pm watershed and new evidence suggests exposure to alcohol marketing leads young people to drink at an earlier age.

This is also backed by findings such as those in a recent Balance survey which showed 98% of 10 and 11 year olds in the North East recognised alcohol brands above other food and drink brands.

In support of the bid to kick alcohol sponsorship out of sport, Sue Taylor, Partnerships Manager at Balance, the North East Alcohol Office commented: “As the Olympics, which are all about celebrating sporting achievement, good health and physical skill, get underway, we’re joining our partners around the country to express concern that Strongbow is an official partner of Team GB at Rio 2016.

“The truth is that alcohol and sport simply don’t mix. The health risks of drinking alcohol aren’t compatible with the values promoted by the sporting industry. Many top athletes and sports stars choose not to drink over concerns about the negative impact drinking can have on their performance.

“Our children rightly look to Team GB athletes as role models and heroes. These athletes inspire a belief in children everywhere of what can be achieved through hard work and determination.

“Because of this, Team GB has a responsibility to consider the messages it’s sending to children and young people. In partnering with an alcohol brand, it’s sending entirely the wrong message that sport and alcohol go hand in hand.

“The Olympics should be all about inspiring young people into sport and making them believe anything is possible, as well as promoting active, healthy lifestyles, and participation. Along with our partners around the country, we want to celebrate the Olympics and the incredible achievements of Team GB for all the right reasons. We’re calling on Team GB to say no to alcohol sponsorship in future events and let’s all back a better future for the next generation.”