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Balance backs Health Committee report

Posted 17/07/12

Balance has today (July 17) welcomed key recommendations set out in the Health Committee’s review of the Government’s Alcohol Strategy.

Colin Shevills, Director of Balance, said: “This report is an important contribution towards addressing the scourge of alcohol misuse which is devastating not only the North East but the whole of the UK. Importantly, it calls on Government to look beyond binge drinking alone and tackle as a top priority the broad spectrum of problems caused by alcohol misuse.

“We particularly welcome the Committee’s cross party support for a regularly reviewed minimum unit price and its recommendation that the level set in England needs to be consistent with that set in Scotland, unless there is a good reason why not.

“Importantly, the report acknowledges, just as the Government’s Alcohol Strategy does, that alcohol marketing encourages consumption. While we welcome the Committee’s recommendation that we learn from effective French regulation, we need to go further than conducting another study. We have some of the weakest advertising regulations in Europe and the evidence to back tougher regulation is already there. We need to make a start on introducing tougher legislation that will protect our children and young people before it’s too late.”

Protect children and young people now by visiting and signing Balance’s petition calling on Government to introduce greater regulation over alcohol marketing.