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Balance responds to Carnage UK event

Posted 12/10/11

Colin Shevills, Director at Balance, said: “This is a prime example of how alcohol is too affordable, too available and too widely promoted – and it’s damaging young people and communities in the North East.

“Quite simply the Carnage UK events are dangerous. They trivialise alcohol misuse and suggesting that drinking to the point of inebriation is amusing, or something to be proud of.

“In reality, drinking to this extreme makes young people vulnerable and can result in poor decision making. It also increases the risk of accidents, of becoming the victim of a crime or even getting involved in criminal activity. These issues are surely too serious to be irresponsibly passed off as a good night out.

“Varsity Leisure Group, which hosts Carnage UK, needs to take responsibility for young people instead of promoting, normalising and glamorising alcohol in this way to increase its profits. It is possible for alcohol to be enjoyed as part of a night out – without taking it to this extreme.”