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Balance response to Budget announcement

Posted 24/03/10

The Government has today announced that duty on wine, beer and spirits will increase by 2% from midnight on Sunday with a further 2% rise above inflation planned for two further years from 2013. However, cider will rise by 10% on top of inflation from midnight on Sunday. In light of this Balance has issued the following response:

Colin Shevills, Director, Balance, the North East alcohol office said:
“Today’s budget announcement shows that the Government is aware that the price of alcohol is an issue, but evidence suggests taxation is not the best solution to tackle alcohol misuse.

“An introduction of a minimum per unit price for alcohol, whereby stronger drinks cost more, would address the real issue – cheap prices and promotions in supermarkets. This would not only reduce consumption amongst the most vulnerable- heavy drinkers and young people, but would enable community pubs to compete more effectively.”