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Balance response to Government’s mandatory code

Posted 19/01/10

Dave Hogg, crime and disorder programme manager for Balance, said: “It’s good news that Government’s mandatory code addresses irresponsible drinks promotions by some in the on-trade.

“However, the conditions don't go far enough - for example happy hours are untouched by the new restrictions. We know that alcohol consumption increases as price decreases and the North East Big Drink Debate showed that one in three people surveyed said they were encouraged to drink more by promotions.

“Whilst Government's proposals are a step in the right direction, they fail to address the significant problems caused by irresponsible alcohol sales by the off-trade. Supermarkets and off licences across the North East are routinely selling alcohol for pocket money prices, leading to excessive consumption and seriously damaging the health, wealth and safety of the North East.

“The Big Drink Debate revealed that 61% of people in the region purchase their alcohol from off licences and supermarkets and 68% drink in places other than pubs, clubs and bars. Although the Mandatory Code proposals are certainly welcome, I believe that an opportunity has been missed to tackle one of the biggest factors associated with alcohol misuse in the region.”

Dave explained that alcohol is related to more than 60 different medical conditions and almost half of all violent crime is alcohol related.