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Balance response to Joseph Rowntree Foundation report

Posted 17/06/11

Responding to research conducted by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Colin Shevills, Director of Balance, said: “Parents are undoubtedly the biggest influence on their children’s lives - young people are 12 times less likely to drink if their parents set clear boundaries

“The majority of parents in the north east don’t think it’s normal or acceptable for children and young people to drink alcohol or for their parents or other adults to enable them to do so.”

Research conducted by Balance reveals that more than eight in ten north east parents say they have never purchased alcohol for their children aged 17-years and under and more than half say they have never given them alcohol.

“Importantly, parents need to be supported by wider society when bringing up their children in the right way,” Colin added.

“This means Government taking significant action to ensure that alcohol is no longer available on every street corner at all hours of the day and sold at pocket money prices. It means greater regulation on alcohol advertising, marketing and promotion to protect children and young people from its influence.”