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Balance response to NHS Information Centre Report

Posted 26/05/11

Colin Shevills, Director of Balance, said: “Today’s statistics provide a big picture of the damage alcohol misuse is doing across England and the North East.

“With its upcoming National Alcohol Strategy, expected later this year, Government has a real opportunity to take significant action to reduce consumption and tackle the problems caused by alcohol, which is too affordable, too available and too widely promoted.

“By introducing a ban on the sale of alcohol below the price of duty plus VAT, it is clear that Government already acknowledges that providing information and relying upon individual responsibility is not enough.

“If it is serious about reducing alcohol consumption and the damage it is doing, Government needs to increase the price of cheap, strong alcohol which is traditionally consumed by the youngest and heaviest drinkers and causes the greatest problems. It also needs to reduce alcohol’s availability and restrict the way it is promoted. Only then will we see the statistics released today begin to fall across England and the North East.”