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Balance response to SDD report

Posted 27/01/10

However, we know that those who are drinking alcohol are drinking more than ever and that’s a worry.

“We need to be equipping our young people with the relevant information and confidence which enables them to say no to alcohol. The chief medical officer advises an alcohol free childhood up to at least the age of 15, as the brain is still developing.

“Parents are key when it comes to influencing the behaviour of young people, who are more likely to drink if their parents tolerate drinking. Government research suggests that parents should address the issue of alcohol with their children as early as the age of eight.”

During the half-term holidays, Balance will be launching a region-wide campaign to encourage parents to start conversations with their children on the risks associated with alcohol.

Colin added: “Although important, education on its own is not enough. We need a package of measures which includes looking carefully at price. Nationally we have created a society where alcohol has never been more affordable or widely available and we need to address this. Young people who receive £6.24 a week, the British average for pocket money, can afford to drink more than the recommended daily adult limit every day of the week.”