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Balance response to Sunderland Echo Liquid enquiry

Posted 29/06/11

Colin Shevills, director of Balance, said: “This is a perfect example of the alcohol industry’s irresponsible use of low price and promotion to encourage young people to misuse alcohol and endanger their health and safety, in order to make a profit.

“This irresponsible promotion normalises and glamorises drinking to get drunk, suggesting that being slumped at a table surrounded by empty shot glasses is something to aspire to, rather than be concerned about.

“By offering free shots, cheap drinks and ‘sexy hosts’ it aims to lure young people in and get them to consume as much alcohol as possible within a short period of time, leaving them intoxicated and vulnerable in the early hours, when the majority of violent assaults take place.

“Consuming vast quantities of alcohol encourages poor decision making and risk taking behaviour which can lead to accident or injury, drug taking or unprotected sex resulting in an STD or unwanted pregnancy.

“Realistically, we understand that some young people will sometimes go out with the express intention of getting drunk. However, it is important that the alcohol industry does not encourage or enable this behaviour. If we don’t clamp down on promotions like these, we will never solve our region’s problems with alcohol. We already have the highest levels of alcohol related hospital admissions in England – we certainly don’t need this.”