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Balance Update: 9 in 10 don't link alcohol and cancer

Posted 15/04/16


Britain is third worst country in EU for nanny state regulation
A league table of state regulation puts Britain just behind Finland and Sweden as the most meddling country in the EU.  Click here to read more...

9 in 10 don't link alcohol and cancer
Almost 90 per cent of people in England don't associate drinking alcohol with an increased risk of cancer, according to a new report. Click here to read more...

Alcohol and children: Is there a way to create a healthy relationship between the two?
It is a question many parents ponder: Is there a right time to introduce children to alcohol?  Click here to read more...

Deaths caused by alcohol set to 'rise relentlessly' due to tax cuts making spirits and cider cheaper
Alcohol-related deaths may rise again due to an end to escalating taxes and an increase in average wages, new research suggests. Click here to read more...

Scientists warn of confusion over safe drinking guidelines around the world
International guidelines for alcohol consumption are so confusing it is enough to turn you to drink. Scientists who studied low-risk drinking advice around the world concluded that there is a "substantial" risk of misunderstanding.  
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How much alcohol in a 'standard drink'? Austria serves almost double UK measures
US researchers have found wild disparities in the amount of alcohol found in a single beverage – depending on where in the world you’re served it. 
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