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Balance Update: Alcohol and minimum unit pricing

Posted 18/12/15


Teenagers in the North East drink alcohol more than anywhere else in England, figures show
One in five 15-year-olds have admitted to being drunk in the past month and the percentage of teens in the region drinking at least once every week is the highest in the country.   Click here to read more...


Alcohol the main cause in more than half of ambulance weekend call-outs
THE Scottish Ambulance Service report says that drink is also involved in 42 per cent of weekday incidents. Click here to read more...

Alcohol and minimum unit pricing
The Public Health (Alcohol) Bill is a crucial response to one of our most significant public health problems. Alcohol misuse claims three lives every day in Ireland and we all know someone who has been affected in a harmful way by alcohol use – it is all too common.   Click here to read more...

Men in England drink twice as much alcohol as women, NHS study reveals
A new NHS study has found that age, gender and wealth are key factors to understand how much alcohol we drink.  Click here to read more...

How well do you know your alcohol limits?
With the festive season in full swing, there are plenty of Christmas parties going on. But how much do you know about how much you are boozing? Do you know how much you're supposed to drink? How many calories there are in a bottle of wine?
Click here to

Proposed minimum alcohol price
It is unlikely a minimum price on alcohol will turn dependent drinkers to crime or harmful alternatives according to a new report published in the NZ Medical Journal.  Click here to read more...


SHAAP’s (Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems)