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Balance Update: Alcohol sold at pocket money prices

Posted 07/10/16


Alcohol cheapest in North-East - shocking examples of 'pocket money' booze at 1980 prices
HEALTH professionals have renewed calls for so-called ‘minimum unit’ pricing after uncovering what they said were shocking examples of super strength alcohol being on sale in the North-East for pocket money prices. Click here to read more...


Alcohol now so cheap 13 pints can be bought for price of cinema ticket
The study from the Alcohol Health Alliance says supermarkets are selling alcohol at prices that are attracting children and harmful drinkers, because of the absence of minimum prices.  Click here to read more...

Is binge drinking a passing phase for young people?
There is growing consensus that this generation of young people are more sensible with drink than their parents. Each year official statistics show fewer 16-24 year olds are binge drinking, with a growing number choosing not to drink at all. In 2012 David Cameron announced that his government would tackle the ‘scourge of binge drinking’, and this appears an area of policy that has gained traction. 
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More Australians are giving up alcohol: report
Australians are drinking less alcohol overall, with the number of people abstaining from drinking on the rise, according to a new report.
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Link between alcohol and cancer is medically proven
The truth about alcohol, unknown to many, is that it is listed as a “proven human carcinogen” by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, which is affiliated to the World Health Organisation. Click here to read more...


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