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Balance Update: Breathalyser blowing strong after 50 years

Posted 07/10/17


Child protection charities sound alarm over the 51,000 innocent victims at risk from Scotland’s worsening drink problem
Experts yesterday branded the plight of one in 18 Scots youngsters living with adults with alcohol problems a “hidden crisis.”  Click here to read more...

Australia failing to stop alcohol ads reaching children, experts say
Calls for tougher regulation of industry and closure of loophole that allows alcohol advertising during televised sport.  Click here to read more...

Breathalyser blowing strong after 50 years
Now a standard tool in traffic police’s kit, the roadside device designed to gauge a motorist’s blood-alcohol levels was first put into use on October 8, 1967, with a driver in Shropshire the first to be tested.  Click here to read more...
University Non-Drinking Society Says Interest Is Massively Up This Year
More and more students are choosing an alcohol-free university experience.
Click here to

Tough new drink limits you won't see on the bottle: Industry ignores ministers' demands to display guidelines on their products
Tough new guidance on drinking limits will not be printed on most alcohol bottles and cans, after industry bodies told their members they did not need to display the updated advice.  Click here to read more...

Drinkaware and YouGov survey shows sexual harassment is ‘part and parcel of nights out’ for young people
ALMOST three-quarters of young people in the East of England have witnessed sexual harassment while out drinking. Click here to read more...


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