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Balance Update: Dying for a drink

Posted 12/12/14


Drinkers to down 4,000 extra calories in alcohol during Christmas party season
A survey of 2,000 young adults commissioned by Cancer Research UK, revealed that one in four 18 to 24-year-olds and a third of 25 to 34-year-olds have skipped a meal before an evening out to “make room” in their daily calorie allowance for alcohol. 
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Welsh Government to push ahead with alcohol minimum pricing policy
The Welsh Government has indicated it will push ahead with alcohol minimum unit pricing (MUP) policy following the publication of a report which showed it could save healthcare services £131m over 20 years.   Click here to read more

Alcohol consumption in Scotland falling
An NHS Health Scotland report said much of this could be attributed to the economy crashing and the scrapping of multi-buy deals.  Click here to read more...

Australian and UK alcohol industry lobbyists are hijacking policy – study
Lobbyists are hampering attempts to curb drinking rates, despite alcohol consumption being the leading global cause of death, experts report.  Click here to read more...

Booze companies cannot be trusted to promote safe drinking and need statutory regulation, Alcohol Concern Cymru claims
Statutory regulation of the drinks industry is needed and companies that break the rules must face “meaningful sanctions,” Alcohol Concern Cymru has demanded as it launches a major report.  Click here to read more...

Dying for a drink: alcohol-related deaths and illness cost us dearly
Alcohol is a factor in 8-10% of GP consultations in the UK every day. There are more than 10m alcohol-related visits to the NHS a year. Admissions for alcohol misuse are likely to hit 1.5m a year unless the government steps in to tackle the problem. 
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Conferences/ Events

The Global Alcohol Policy Conference will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland from 7-9 October 2015. 
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