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Balance Update: Even moderate drinking may damage the brain

Posted 09/06/17


Police relaunch underage drinking campaign in Bishop Auckland
POLICE have relaunched a successful campaign in a bid to crack down on underage drinking that is putting vulnerable young people at risk.
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Happiness and harm awareness could keep young people from drinking and smoking
Promoting young people's levels of well-being and making them aware of the harms of smoking and drinking could keep them away from alcohol and cigarettes, according to a study published in the open access journal BMC Public Health.
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Just half a glass of wine a day may increase breast cancer risk
NHS Choices

Just half a glass of wine a day ups the risk of breast cancer by nine per cent, experts warn," The Sun reports. A major report looking at global evidence found that drinking just 10g of alcohol a day – 1.25 units – was linked to an increased risk of breast cancer.  Click here to read more...

Alcohol consumption linked to greater risk of harm to brain health, study finds
The study found that alcohol consumption is associated with an increased risk of adverse brain outcomes and a steeper decline in cognitive abilities. 
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Graphic cancer warnings on alcohol 'could cut drinking' says public health expert
GRAPHIC health warnings on the packaging for alcohol and junk food should be considered in future to highlight the dangers of cancer and obesity, one of the world's leading public health experts has said.   Click here to read more...

Young people tell police their concerns
MORE than 800 young people have been surveyed on issues affecting their lives -with the results presented to North Yorkshire Police’s top decision makers.
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Binge drinking raises a woman's chance of type 2 diabetes: But there's no increased risk for men
Young women who binge drink increase their risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in life, experts have warned.  Click here to read more...

Even moderate drinking may damage the brain
A new study, involving brain scans and cognitive testing, suggests that moderate drinking, over many years, could damage areas of the brain linked to memory and cognitive function.   Click here to read more...

Government to call for an EU-wide ban on alcohol advertising
The Government has urged its European counterparts to ban alcohol advertising, telling a seminar in Brussels that children must be protected from an industry whose primary interest is growing its markets and maximising profits.
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SHAAP’s (Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems)