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Balance Update: Exercise could offset the dangers of alcohol

Posted 09/09/16


Young Brits Are Blacking Out Drunk, Should We Be Worried?
This week a new study has found that the average under 25 year-old has experienced a memory blank five times after drinking alcohol since turning 18, with 17 per cent experiencing a “blackout” ten times or more. Perhaps more significantly 54 per cent said they would probably repeat their antics within a month. So is this just good fun or a worrying finding that we should take seriously?  
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534 people die from alcohol abuse in Lanarkshire, shock figures reveal 
A total of 534 people have died from alcohol-related illnesses in Lanarkshire over the past three years, the Wishaw Press can reveal.   Shock new data shows that number of adults who died from abusing booze shot up by 11 per cent in the county over two years.   Click here to read more...

Alcohol brands launch partnership to defend responsible drinking record
Eight of the UK’s largest alcohol producers have today launched a new organisation to promote their work in addressing alcohol misuseClick here to read more...

YouTube videos promote positive associations with alcohol use
"F**k it! Let's get to drinking - poison our livers!" According to researchers at the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies, lyrics such as these in YouTube music videos may harmfully influence adolescents in Britain. Their study is published in Springer's International Journal of Behavioral Medicine.
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Pernod Ricard attacks UK health guidelines, issues label warning
Pernod Ricard has said it may keep new UK health guidelines off its labels and bottles because the company does not agree with them.  Click here to read more...

Two hours a week of exercise could offset the dangers of alcohol 
Spending two and a half hour a week walking, gardening or playing golf may offset the deadly impact of drinking too much alcohol, new research suggests.    
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