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Balance Update: Further calls to raise alcohol unit prices

Posted 09/12/16


Revealed: The damage alcohol is doing to police and paramedic resources
Durham County Council is calling for a minimum unit pricing as cops say half of their time is spent dealing with drunks.  Click here to read more...

Further calls to raise alcohol unit prices
Health campaigners in the North East are calling for an increase in taxes on the cheapest alcohol following the publication of a report revealing more working years are lost to alcohol than the 10 most frequent cancer types combined.
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Minimum UK alcohol pricing gets backing of official health advisers
A review commissioned by the government from its health advisers has concluded that ministers should introduce minimum unit pricing of alcohol to tackle the grim medical, economic and social toll of drink-related harm. Click here to read more...

Last call for alcohol pricing 
The toll of excessive drinking on the health of the nation is laid bare in official data that reveals a five-fold increase in patients hospitalised in Scotland for alcohol abuse since the 1980s.   Click here to read more...

City Alcohol Strategy to target price and availability
Price, availability and marketing in relation to alcohol are the biggest areas which need to be tackled, according to Galway Alcohol Strategy.  
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Health body calls for MUP on alcohol in England
Public Health England has called for the government to introduce minimum unit pricing (MUP) on alcohol to reduce the impact of alcohol-related harm
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Drinking culture is taking an enormous toll on emergency services, report reveals
Police, ambulance and A&E personnel face a risk of violence and verbal abuse as they attend drink-fuelled incidents, the inquiry found.  Click here to read more...


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