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Balance Update: Growing call for drink-drive limit to be lowered

Posted 14/10/16


Growing call for drink-drive limit to be lowered
Brake has joined a wide range other groups, including the RAC Foundation, the AA and IAM RoadSmart, calling for MPs to reduce the UK’s drink-driving limit.  
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Alcohol so cheap that a three litre bottle of cider costs 16p
Calls have been made to increase the price of alcohol after research found that booze was being sold for as little as 16p per unit across the UK.
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One-parent link to smoking and drinking at 11: Children who have lost a parent through death or separation are twice as likely to have tried tobacco or alcohol before they are teenagers
Children who grow up without one of their parents are more likely to smoke or drink by the age of 11, a British study found.   Click here to read more...

Figures reveal huge inequalities in health and longevity across UK
ONS report shows disparities largest in England and smallest in Northern Ireland, while Scotland has the worst longevity.  Click here to read more...

Minimum pricing of booze a dangerous move, warns Alcohol Beverages Australia
The State Government has pledged to raise the issue of minimum pricing at a national level in response to recommendations in a review of the state’s liquor laws. But ABA says it won’t stop risky drinking – because many problem drinkers and alcoholics will pay whatever it costs to keep drinking.   Click here to read more...


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