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Balance Update: Hospitals batten down for boozy Mad Friday

Posted 16/12/16


Police crackdown on underage alcohol sales in Alnwick and Amble
Three premises in Alnwick and Amble were caught selling alcohol to youngsters aged 15 and under in a joint operation by police and trading standardsClick here to read more...

Revellers urged to look out for pals to avoid drowning when drunk as campaign is launched
The Don't Drink and Drown campaign was launched in County Durham following the high profile deaths of three students in recent years.  Click here to read more...


Tesco to stock St Peter’s Without in new, dedicated alcohol-free section
Recognising a growing demand for no and low alcohol drinks, Tesco is set to launch a dedicated section in its supermarkets nationwide and St Peter’s Without alcohol-free beer will be one of the first new products to hit the shelfClick here to read more...

Alcohol Research UK and Alcohol Concern announce merger plans
Alcohol Research UK and Alcohol Concern have announced plans to merge the activities of the two charities by April 2017.   Click here to read more...

Clean cut generation is least likely to have ever had an alcoholic drink 
Just one in six children below the age of 15 has ever had an alcoholic drink - a record low, according to new national data.   Click here to read more...

Hospitals batten down for boozy ‘Mad Friday’ set to wreak havoc in chaotic A&E departments across UK
It's the busiest day of the year for alcohol-related injuries - aka 'Black-Eye Friday' - as partygoers overindulge in the festive spirit, pushing emergency services to the limit.  Click here to read more...


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