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Balance Update: How adverts fuel underage drinking

Posted 23/10/15


How adverts fuel underage drinking: Teenagers are FIVE times more likely to buy alcohol after seeing it promoted on TV
Researchers discovered a strong link between what the under 18s saw on television and how they drank in the month afterwards.  Click here to read more

Alcohol use disorder: the urgent issue we can't continue to ignore
“What is most unhealthy is this identification we have … where we identify having a good time with drinking alcohol, having a shit time with drinking alcohol, being happy with drinking alcohol, being sad with drinking alcohol. It is too much of an ever-present, regardless of our mood.”  Click here to read more...

Strong public support for more curbs on alcohol advertising
MINISTERS are under pressure to back a ban on alcohol advertising near schools after research carried out by MSPs suggested there was considerable public sympathy for the policy.  Click here to read more...

Police and paramedics battling surge in drink-fuelled violence
More than three-quarters of police officers and half of paramedics have been injured while dealing with alcohol-related incidents, according to a report.  Click here to read more...

Booze-related illness accounts for shocking 6,258 visits to north-east hospitals
Shock new figures have revealed thousands of north-east people have been admitted to hospital with alcohol-related illnesses  Click here to read more...

Month Off Alcohol 'Could Prevent Later-Life Illnesses', Study Suggests
Patients who gave up for four weeks saw benefits for their liver function, blood pressure and cholesterol levels and were also at lower risk of developing diabetes and liver disease, research from University College London suggested.   Click here to read more...