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Balance Update: How does alcohol cause cancer?

Posted 12/02/16


Minimum prices for alcohol would help reduce problem drinking
Editorial: Pub owners complain that cheap alcohol sold by supermarkets is destroying their business. They want minimum prices for alcohol to stop this unfair competitionClick here to read more...

Alcohol-related liver problems to be tackled by specialist 'care teams' in hospitals
Deaths from liver disease have more the doubled in the past two decades, says the Welsh Government.  Click here to read more...

How does alcohol cause cancer?
Clearly, humanity’s relationship with alcohol stretches back thousands of years, but a long relationship doesn’t necessarily mean a healthy one.  
Click here to

Tennent's Lager will become first UK alcohol brand to clearly print calories
Tennent’s lager will be the first alcohol product in the UK & Ireland to print clear calorie information on its cans and bottles.  Click here to read more...

Health group calls for alcohol-only check-outs in shops
Scotland should introduce alcohol-only check-outs and ban drinks advertising unless in licensed premises, according to health professionals.   Click here to read more...


SHAAP’s (Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems)