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Balance Update: No drink is safe

Posted 02/09/16


No drink is safe’: health chiefs refuse to budge on stricter alcohol limits
Britons will still be warned that there is no such thing as safe drinking as the government shrugged off criticism of controversial alcohol guidance. 
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Alcohol industry to push back against government’s moderate drinking plan
The alcohol industry is set to launch a series of studies in a bid to pushback against the government’s calls for drinking in moderation. 
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Ireland sees increase in women seeking help for alcoholism
According to figures released by The Rutland Centre, 93% of women that presented themselves to the centre had an alcohol problem, which is a sharp increase from the 74% in 2006 (via Irish Examiner).   Click here to read more...

Captain Morgan rum ad banned for implying alcohol boosts confidence
Alcohol Concern and a member of the public complained that the ad suggested that alcohol could contribute to a drinker's popularity or confidence and that the success of a social occasion depended on alcohol.  Click here to read more...

Women's conception rates 'not affected by moderate drinking'
Moderate drinking does not appear to affect a woman's fertility, according to new research.  Click here to read more...


SHAAP’s (Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems)