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Balance Update: Public health must prevail over big business

Posted 08/07/16


Beyond 'Ab Fab Britain': Better parenting linked to fall in underage drinking
A new report from the Institute of Alcohol Studies, Youthful Abandon: why are young people drinking less?, suggests that improvements in parenting and the reduced affordability of alcohol are the best explanations for recent declines in underage drinking.  Click here to read more...

Did you spot these bizarre bodies in Newcastle streets? Here's the serious reason they were there
Models in fluorescent body paint and skin-tight lycra paraded through Newcastle's city centre streets to highlight a serious health issue.  Click here to read more...

Alcohol-related deaths soar to more than 6.8k as increasing number of Brits drink until they drop
In 2014/15, there were 1.1 million hospital admissions for diseases caused by alcohol - this is the highest number ever recorded.  Click here to read more...

Data shows rise in number of alcohol-related hospital admissions
The number of people admitted to hospital with problems related to alcohol went up nearly 3% last year and is a third higher than a decade ago, latest figures reveal.   Click here to read more

UK Licensing Act inquiry opens
A probe into the UK's licensing laws has started, as the country's government looks to assess their effectiveness. Click here to read more...

Judges urged to make 'wise' decision on minimum alcohol pricing

Health professionals have urged judges at Scotland's highest civil court to make a decision on minimum pricing for alcohol "wisely and swiftly".  
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“It’s brutish”: AHA slams call to evict drunks from all licensed venues
A proposed law change to require drunk people to be kicked out of all South Australia’s licensed venues – including those hosting events like weddings – has been described as “draconian” and “brutish” by the Australian Hotels Association
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Public health must prevail over big business
Some of the devastating effects of cheap, strong alcohol can be reduced by introducing a minimum price, this is why as the alcohol minimum pricing court case continues this week, public health and charity leaders have come together to reaffirm their support for the life-saving measure.   Click here to read more...


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