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Balance Update: Raising prices of drink, lowering costs

Posted 14/08/15


New Bigg Market bar Filthy McNasty's alcohol licence application withdrawn - for now
Filthy McNasty's bar is set to open on the site of former Blu Bambu nightclub in Newcastle - but councillors will not on Tuesday decide on its license.  Click here to read more...


Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder mislabelled, more widespread in WA than thought
Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is far more prevalent in Western Australia than the public is aware and is often mistakenly labelled as other conditions like ADHD, a leading researcher says. Click here to read more...

After Coca-Cola, here are the shocking affects of beer to your body
A website called has disclosed what happens up to 24 hours after drinking beer.   Click here to read more...

Raising prices of drink, lowering costs
When it comes to strategies to reduce the harms from alcohol consumption, governments tend to overlook a powerful tool — pricing. Researchers have found that higher minimum prices for drinks result in significant decreases in crime, violence, health problems and other ill-effects from booze. Click here to read more...
Less than half of French order alcohol once a week, shock poll reveals
French drinking, particularly in bars and bistros, is on the wane with only 44 per cent ordering an alcoholic beverage once per week.  Click here to read more...


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