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Balance Update: Shock teenage drinking figures for North East

Posted 11/12/15

Shock teenage drinking figures for North East
Almost a third of 15-year-olds in the North East have got drunk in the last four weeks, according to a shock new survey.  Click here to read more


Drinks giants in threat to block law on minimum alcohol pricing
A powerful European drinks body backed by producers including Irish Distillers owner Pernod Ricard says it is prepared to support legal action against Ireland if laws on minimum alcohol pricing are introduced here. Click here to read more...

New Scottish stop and search fears over clampdown on children with alcohol
The Scottish government is to reintroduce stop and search of children, according to campaigners who fear that an “unprecedented” amendment being debated in Holyrood this week could worsen Police Scotland’s already vexed relationship with young people.   Click here to read more...

Stay alive! Shock drink-drive ads target that deadly second drink
THE Think! Christmas drink-driving campaign for this year is being targeted at drivers who think that having "just" a couple of drinks is acceptable before getting into a car.  Click here to read more...

Bill to ban alcohol adverts near schools, on public transport
Alcohol advertising is to be banned near schools, playgrounds and public transport under long-awaited drinks legislation to be published today.  Click here to read more...Events/Reports

 Report from SHAAP Alcohol and Young People Conference