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Balance Update: Stronger warnings needed over pregnant women drinking

Posted 07/11/14


Hallowe'en night sweep nets a dozen underage drinkers in neighbouring villages
A DOZEN youngsters were found with alcohol during a police Halloween night sweep in neighbouring villages. Click here to read more...

Revealed: why one in four young people never drinks alcohol
A new poll for Channel 4 News reveals why young people are drinking less, how one in four would rather be online than in the pub - and why their grandparents drink twice as often as them. Click here to read more...

'Stronger warnings needed' over pregnant women drinking
Campaigners and doctors are calling for stronger warnings about drinking during pregnancy, ahead of a legal test case on foetal alcohol syndrome.  Click here to read

Teen drink warning for parents
Permissive parents are being targeted in the lead-up to school leavers by a confronting advertising campaign that graphically depicts the dangers of allowing teenagers to drink alcohol.  Click here to read more...

Call for Scottish drink-drive limit to be introduced in England and Wales
New survey shows two-thirds of English driver want Scottish drink-drive limit introduced across England and Wales.  Click here to read more...

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