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Balance Update: The alcohol harm paradox explained

Posted 19/02/16


North East campaigners still want drink driving limit lowered in line with Scotland
A survey by alcohol charity Balance found that 80% of people from the North East want the law to be changed.  Click here to read more...

Store near primary school tries again to get alcohol licence
Concerns raised over anti-social behaviour after new bid launched :: Petition shows plans supported by some locals.  Click here to read more...


The alarming rise of alcohol-related health problems in our elderly population 
A new campaign has been launched called Drink Wise, Age Well which will provide practical advice on how to make healthier choices about drinking.  Click here to read more...

The alcohol harm paradox explained
New research from a collaboration including Bangor University, Liverpool John Moores University and Alcohol Research UK explains why people in deprived communities have higher levels of alcohol-related ill health than people in non-deprived communities, despite drinking the same amounts of alcohol - the alcohol harm paradox.  Click here to read more...

Ontario expanding wine sales in grocery stores, moving to minimum price
TORONTO - Wine is coming to some Ontario grocery stores but it won’t be coming quickly or cheaply.  Click here to read more...


SHAAP’s (Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems)