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Balance Update:Binge-drinking and obese Britain lags in health table

Posted 06/11/15


Most women 'unaware' of breast cancer risks linked to alcohol or obesity
Most women undergoing checks for breast cancer are unaware that drinking alcohol or obesity increases their risk of the disease, a poll has found.  Click here to read more...

Tests for Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder could be used in WA court system
West Australian courts look set to be given access to screening for brain damage and developmental delays caused by Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).   Click here to read more...

Binge-drinking and obese Britain lags in health table
Britain's health system lags behind many other developed countries, with high rates of obesity, smoking and binge-drinking requiring “urgent attention”, a report said today.   Click here to read more...

Here are the countries where people love to drink alcohol
In their latest report, the OECD showed in which countries people consumed the most alcohol for 2013, and compared it to the amount people consumed back in 2000.   Click here to read more...

Hangover Gets Worse As You Age: Experts Explain Why
Young people tend to turn to alcohol to amp up the fun, de-stress and feel high. However, as age advances, this might no longer be the case because hangovers seem to be getting worse. Scientific reasons are behind it and experts explained why.  Click here to read more...


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