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Balance Update:Drink-driving: Doctors' alliance calls for cut to limit

Posted 05/02/16


North East has highest rate of female alcohol-related deaths in England

The North East has the highest rate of alcohol-related deaths in England for women, according to figures published by the Office of National Statistics (ONS).  
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 Drink-driving: Doctors' alliance calls for cut to limit
A group of doctors and health experts is urging the House of Lords to support a bill to lower the drink-driving limit across the whole of the UK.   Click here to read more...

Call for lower alcohol limit and French-style breathalyser law
Following the debate of a Private Members’ Bill in the House of Lords on Friday 29 January, which sought to lower the drink-drive limit in England and Wales to the same as Scotland, alcohol safety experts say more lives could be saved with the introduction of a breathalyser law.   Click here to read more...
Minimum alcohol pricing delayed for further evidence
Scottish courts have agreed to accept further evidence before making the final decision over whether Scotland can legally introduced a minimum price for alcohol.   Click here to read more...

Powdered alcohol found in two UK prisons
Powdered alcohol has been discovered in two UK prisons for the first time, according to national news reports.  Click here to read more...

How alcohol death rates can DOUBLE depending on where you live: Women in the North East twice as likely to die from drink-related causes than those in London
Deaths relating to alcohol abuse vary wildly across the UK, new figures have revealed.  Click here to read more...

Cancer deaths fall 10 per cent in a decade - but alcohol fuels rise in liver cases
 On World Cancer Day, UK figures show a 10 per cent fall in cancer deaths in a decade - but types of disease which can be fuelled by lifestyle factors have seen a sharp increase.  Click here to read more...


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