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Balance Update:Drinking while pregnant 'prevalent' in UK and Ireland

Posted 10/07/15


Drinking while pregnant 'prevalent' in UK and Ireland
More than 80% of expecting mothers in the Republic of Ireland have been found to drink alcohol while pregnant.  Click here to read more...

Ireland the most expensive country in the world to buy alcohol, shock study reveals
A survey carried out by the Support Your Local campaign shows excise duty on beer has increased by 44% since 2012.  Click here to read more...

Most Britons 'harmed by drunken antics
The majority of people said they have experienced harm from another person’s drinking – with the figure as high as 78 per cent in north-west England.  
Click here to

Every effort must be made to weed out alcohol’s influence
Sonia Kohlbacher’s harrowing article about the abuse of alcohol in young women raises a deeper question as to why so many young citizens are unable to maintain a degree of self-control and civility when drinking (“Girls just want to have fun”, 10/7). Click here to read more...


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