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Balance Update:Law on minimum alcohol pricing may pass in next session

Posted 01/09/17


More than 50% of alcohol-related hospital admissions in the North East are over-50s
The growing problem of “risky drinking” among baby boomers means they account for half of the North East’s booze-related hospital admissions, experts have warned. Click here to read more...


UK mothers among world’s worst for harming baby by boozing
A major study found that four times more children in the UK suffer alcohol-related birth defects than the global average.   Click here to read more...

Alcohol producers fail to tell public of new drinking guidelines.
Alcohol brands are failing to inform the public of the drinking guidelines and health harms linked with booze, according to new research.   Click here to read more...

Law on minimum alcohol pricing may pass in next session
Legislation to introduce minimum pricing for alcohol could pass all stages of both Houses of the Oireachtas in the coming session, Minister for Health Simon Harris has said. Click here to read more..



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