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Balance Update:More needs to be done to stop teenage drinking

Posted 03/11/17


Concern over £6million cost of alcohol-related hospital admissions in Hartlepool as MP backs doctors in liver disease battle
NationalAdverts for tobacco products were once commonplace on television, in newspapers and on billboards in the UK.   Click here to read more...

New figures reveal the extent of young people’s drinking in the North East
More than 16,000 secondary school pupils in the North East are drinking every week, according to new figures.   Click here to read more...

More needs to be done to stop teenage drinking, say campaigners
Balance, the North East Alcohol Office, is calling for more to be done to protect young people from the harms of alcohol as new figures reveal an estimated 16,500 young people in the region are drinking every week.   Click here to read more...


Dr John Boffa: Expert Advisory Panel make good recommendations after reviewing NT alcohol policies
The Expert Advisory Panel that reviewed the NT’s alcohol policies and legislation is to be congratulated on a great job.  Click here to read more...

EXPERT VIEW: The benefits of a minimum price on alcohol
Sales of alcohol in Wales are set to be governed by a system of minimum pricing enforceable by law.   Click here to read more...

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