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Balance Update:North East parents urged to learn alcohol guidelines

Posted 12/01/18

Awareness of drinking guidelines ‘shockingly low’

New figures released today show that less than one in five people in the North East are aware of weekly alcohol guidelines, exactly two years since they were launched.   Click here to read more...

North East parents urged to learn alcohol guidelines
New research shows shocking results of how many people in our region are unaware of the drinking guidelines.  Click here to read more...

Pre-flight drinking at airports could be curbed - here's what Newcastle airport bosses think of it
The Home Office is set to launch a review which could see licensing laws extended to airports, bringing an end to 24-hour alcohol sales.  Click here to read more...

Minimum price 'would increase cost of 70% of alcohol'
The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) said a floor of 50p per unit would raise the cost of 70% of alcohol bought in shops.   Click here to read more... 

Only one in 10 Britons know alcohol causes cancer, survey finds
Cancer Research UK says scale of ignorance is worrying as findings also show backing for warning labels on bottles and cans.  Click here to read more...

Minimum alcohol price law cost us £1m, Asda claims
Wales' health secretary has said he takes "with a pinch of salt" a claim introducing a minimum price for alcohol will be costly for supermarkets.   Click here to read more...


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