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Balance Update:Supreme Court backs Scottish minimum alcohol pricing

Posted 17/11/17


Working together to reduce harm from alcohol and drugs
Partners from across the county gathered today at an alcohol and drug forum organised by Northumberland County Council.   Click here to read more...

Is the end to 'pocket money' booze in sight - and what does that mean for North East drinkers?
Health campaigners and families who have lost loved ones to cheap booze hope a landmark ruling on Wednesday will soon mean an end to ‘pocket money’ prices for alcohol in the North East.   Click here to read more...


Supreme Court backs Scottish minimum alcohol pricing
The UK Supreme Court has ruled that Scotland can set a minimum price for alcohol, rejecting a challenge by the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA).  
Click here to

Minimum alcohol pricing goes ahead in Scotland after drinks industry loses legal battle
Years ago, the All Party Parliamentary Group on alcohol debated a minimum price for alcohol extensively (with valuable input from Scottish policy-makers). A clear consensus was reached that this intervention was likely to reduce death and disease from sales in shops of "cheap booze", at little cost to taxpayers, and without disrupting licensed sales from rural pubs that can play a social, community role. The news that Scotland can now proceed with minimum pricing is good news indeed.  Click here to read more...

Could we now see Scottish 'booze cruises' to England?
It was back in 2009, when suggestions of a minimum unit price for alcohol surfaced, that the then MP Russell Brown raised concerns.   Click here to read more...