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Balance Weekly News Update - Alcohol Abuse Now A Crisis In UK

Posted 12/09/13

National News:

Alcohol Abuse Now A Crisis In UK
Study says drug, alcohol addiction a crisis in UK - read more

Mums-to-be get alcohol warning

Pregnant women in South Tyneside are being advised to cut out alcohol as figures reveal the impact it is having on families in the region - read more

Alcohol brands 'pervade' football broadcasts
Alcohol brands are shown approximately twice per minute during Premier League and Championship football matches in the UK, a study says. - read more 

Tayside Council on Alcohol’s 40 successful years praised
Health and Wellbeing minister Alex Neil was in Dundee to help one Tayside charity celebrate more than 40 years of success - read more 

Wakefield Council approves strong alcohol ban trial 
A scheme to ban the sale of super strength alcohol in parts of Wakefield has been given the go-ahead - read more

Brief intervention and decrease of alcohol consumption among women: a systematic review
Problems related to alcohol consumption are priority public health issues worldwide and may compromise women's health - read more 

Alcohol and your body
Whether you enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, you’re a Friday night kegger fan, or you’re abstinent and happy, here’s the rundown on what liquor can do to your body. - read more

International News:
Parents drink, children follow
A recent study shows a relationship between parental alcohol use and children's rates of alcohol consumption - read more 
What is moderate drinking?
Moderate drinking is defined as up to four alcoholic drinks for men and three for women in any single day, according to The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism (NIAA), USA - read more