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Cost of alcohol related ambulance call outs

Posted 23/07/12

Colin Shevills, Director of Balance, said: “Alcohol is having a devastating effect on the North East, where we have England’s highest rates of alcohol related deaths, hospital admissions and under 18s in treatment.

“Cleaning up after those who drink too much has created an unbelievable burden on all our frontline services.

“We’re in this mess because alcohol is sold at pocket money prices, available 24/7 and marketed to the tune of £800m a year. We need to use these same levers to turn back the tide of alcohol misuse, which includes the introduction of a minimum unit price.

“Under a minimum 50p per unit, moderate drinkers would spend just 28p extra per week on alcohol, helping to save thousands of lives, cut tens of thousands of crimes and take the pressure off our frontline staff. Surely that’s a price worth paying, or do we value life so cheaply in Britain today?”