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David Cameronís announcement on Manchester and cheap alcohol

Posted 12/08/10

Colin Shevills, Director of Balance, said: “We welcome David Cameron’s support for ending deep discounting on alcohol and pre-loading caused by cheap alcohol sold by supermarkets. However, if the Government is serious about tackling the problems caused by alcohol sold at pocket money prices, the introduction of a minimum price per unit of alcohol - which is central to our manifesto - must be part of the solution.

“We are aware of the Manchester proposals and will be watching closely as they develop. We would welcome the opportunity to work with any area in the North East which would be willing to adopt a similar stance in relation to minimum price. Just like Government, we believe that local people should be able to tackle the problems caused by alcohol on their doorstep.

“Cheap alcohol is fuelling the North East’s problem with drink. It is damaging our health and is the primary instigator in domestic abuse, violent crime, disorder and anti social behaviour. We need to act now.”

Balance launched its I have a drink problem campaign on Monday (August 9) raising awareness of the problems caused by alcohol misuse which staff on the frontline of our emergency services deal with on a daily basis. To find out more about the campaign and to show support for our under-pressure and abused nurses, police officers and fire fighters visit and have your say.