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Drink sensibly and stay safe this Christmas

Posted 19/12/14

With Christmas just around the corner, North East revellers are being encouraged to have fun but stay safe over the festive period.

As many people head out on the town and drink more than usual, Balance, the North East Alcohol Office, is recommending a number of simple steps party-goers can take to ensure they stay safe, the first of which is to drink responsibly.
Colin Shevills, Director of Balance, said:  "We want everyone to enjoy themselves over the festive period, but we also want people to stay safe. Between Christmas and the New Year it is easy to overdo it where alcohol is concerned, but drinking too much brings very serious risks.
“From trips and falls to broken bones and violence, too many people have an alcohol-related horror story they could share. There are also long-term health risks associated with excessive alcohol consumption to consider, including an increased risk of seven types of cancer.
“Luckily there are a few simple things revellers can do to ensure their night out doesn’t end in disaster.”
Balance’s top tips for people heading out on the town for the night include:
Department of Health guidelines recommend no more than 2-3 units a day for women and a maximum of 3-4 units a day for men. There are 2 units in a standard 175ml glass of wine and 3 units in a pint of strong lager, beer or cider. Guidelines also recommend avoiding alcohol for 48 hours following a heavy drinking session.
Colin Shevills added: “Every year too many people in the North East are admitted to hospital with alcohol-related problems over the festive period. 
“Not only can excessive drinking spoil the festivities for the people involved and their families, it also puts a huge strain on our emergency services. By drinking sensibly, everyone can play their part in helping to reduce the burden.”
After the excesses of Christmas, Alcohol Concern and Balance are challenging people to sign up to Dry January and see in 2015 by ditching booze for a month. It is hoped those taking part will use it as an opportunity to ditch the hangover, reduce their waistline and take time to think about cutting back on their alcohol intake longer term.
To sign up to Dry January, find out more about the campaign and to access a wealth of support and advice, visit the Dry January website at