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Impact of alcohol on the North East uncovered

Posted 29/03/16

The shocking impact of alcohol misuse on England and the North East has been summarised in an eye-catching infographic, produced by Balance, the North East Alcohol Office.

The infographic has been compiled using publicly available data, together with surveys carried out in the North East by Balance.

Alcohol contributes to around 22,000 deaths every year in England and has links to 60 medical conditions, with cancers and liver disease being among the most prolific.

The alcohol industry spends millions in promoting their product, with serious costs to individuals, families and communities across the North East. We know that 45% of North Easterners are drinking at risky levels – although the true figure may well be higher as it’s known many people under-estimate the amount they drink.

Shockingly, every year it is estimated that almost 3,000 children aged between 11 and 15 become regular drinkers in the North East, while over 300 children with alcohol-specific health conditions are admitted to hospital annually.

In addition, it’s not just drinkers themselves that pay the price for alcohol misuse. More than 50% of North Easterners have been harmed in some way by other people’s drinking – with having a serious argument and being subject to verbal abuse being some of the most common negative consequences.

Balance has also produced similar tailored infographics representing the cost of alcohol misuse across each of the 12 local authorities in the North East.