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Middlesbrough proposals for controlled drinking zones

Posted 12/08/10

Dave Hogg, crime and disorder programmes manager at Balance, said: “Alcohol misuse is having a devastating effect on many of our communities and families and the lives of professional frontline staff across the North East. We support the introduction of appropriate legislation and associated powers to target specific problems caused by alcohol misuse where they occur.”

He added: “Our frontline services, including the police, put up with a great deal of problems caused by alcohol misuse. Almost half of all crimes are alcohol related and last year around 6,500 of the domestic abuse cases handled by police forces in the region were alcohol related.”

Balance launched its I have a drink problem campaign on Monday (August 9) raising awareness of the problems caused by alcohol misuse which staff on the frontline of our emergency services deal with on a daily basis. To find out more about the campaign and to show support for our under-pressure and abused nurses, police officers and fire fighters visit and have your say.