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Minimum price is a must

Posted 15/02/12

Sue Taylor, Partnerships Manager for Balance, said: “It’s no secret that our region has a huge problem with alcohol misuse. We have the highest rate of alcohol related hospital admissions and the highest rate of alcohol related deaths for men in the UK. It’s really important and greatly welcome that the Prime Minister has come to see the problem for himself.

“Pocket money prices, widespread availability and heavy promotion increase alcohol consumption. Innovative local solutions are helpful but this problem is so big that we need to introduce preventative measures at a population level. These are the measures that must be part of the upcoming alcohol strategy and include a minimum price per unit of alcohol, an approach which has reportedly drawn interest from Mr Cameron, and preventing the alcohol industry from recruiting our children via marketing.

“The world’s alcohol experts are meeting this week to look at the problems and proven solutions and the Government needs to follow the evidence base. Only then will we start to turn back the tide of alcohol misuse.”

Research carried out by Balance and published for the first time today reveals that more than half of North Easterners (56%) support the introduction of a minimum price per unit of alcohol. This is an increase of 7% from 2010.

The study also shows that:

Sue added: “It’s important to remember that the problems we face are getting worse and that it wasn’t always this way. Alcohol is not like other commodities and it needs to be controlled - as it was not so many years ago.”