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New NHS publication on young people and alcohol

Posted 28/07/11

Colin Shevills, Director of Balance, said: "It is extremely encouraging that the number of young people in England choosing not to drink alcohol has once again increased.

"In many ways our young people are setting us an example at a time when almost half of men and a third of women admit to drinking above the Government’s recommended limits.

However, there are still some very worrying trends:

“We have created a society where alcohol plays too central a role in our lives. Children and young people are constantly exposed to alcohol through advertising, sponsorship, the internet and the media.

“Alcohol is too available and too affordable to young people, sold at pocket money prices, in supermarkets, corner shops and petrol stations. The Government needs to help our young people make the right decisions. Placing restrictions on alcohol advertising would be a great start.

“Parents also have a critical role to play, firstly, by not providing alcohol to their children and, secondly, by making it clear that they don’t want them to drink. That’s the best way to protect them from harm and prevent them from getting into risky situations.”