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Balance Update: Further calls to raise alcohol unit prices

Balance weekly policy update


Shocking impact of alcohol misuse on emergency departments revealed...

A new Balance report reveals the shocking impact of alcohol misuse on North Eastís emergency and urgent care departments


More working years lost to alcohol than 10 most common cancers...

More Working Years Lost to Alcohol than 10 Most Common Cancers


Balance calls for greater awareness of link between alcohol and...

Balance is backing calls to raise awareness of the links between alcohol and at least seven types of cancer, as a new Cancer Research UK report predicts around 135,000 alcohol-related...


Balance Update: The real price of alcohol in Scotland

Balance weekly policy update


Balance campaign raises awareness of links between alcohol and...

A campaign highlighting the links between alcohol and at least seven types of cancer re-launches today (Tuesday 1 November) as findings show more people in the North East are now aware...