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Balance Update: Kids Drinking Alcohol:14% Of UK 11-Year-Olds...

Balance weekly policy update


Balance calls on Government to end tax breaks on cheap white...

Balance is calling for an end to tax breaks for a product that is a favourite for our regions homeless people and children who end up in specialist alcohol treatment services.


Balance Update: The alcohol harm paradox explained

Balance weekly policy update


Half of North Easterners suffering due to others drinking

A new report published today (17 February) has revealed that more than half of people in the North East have suffered at least once due to someone else drinking alcohol in the last...


Balance Update: How does alcohol cause cancer?

Balance weekly policy update


North East tops alcohol-related deaths table for women

The North East has the highest rate of alcohol-related deaths in England for women, according to figures published by the Office of National Statistics.


North Easterners back calls for lower drink drive limit

An overwhelming majority of people in the North East have backed calls to lower the legal drink drive limit, which would bring England and Wales in line with Scotland and the rest of...


Balance Update: Dry January sees alcohol sales halved in UK

Balance weekly policy update